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4 Strategies to Increase the Quality of Email Deliverability

Spam filters exist to help us live our lives more easily. They can help reduce the amount of time spent pressing delete within our email applications.

This is fantastic… for consumers… however, for marketers, it can can get difficult fast. As time has passed it’s become more difficult and more difficult to “get to the inbox.” However, adhering to a few fundamental principles can help greatly.

Here are four easy things you can try to make your emails reach the inbox https://www.growbots.com/blog/how-to-test-email-deliverability-and-verify-email-addresses/.

1.) Utilize ALT tags on your photos

It’s fascinating… since the technology of email is becoming more sophisticated, sending HTML emails could HURT the chances of getting into your inbox. When I’m putting together a campaign I think, could I be just as effective using HTML?

If you have to utilize HTML make sure you use the alt tag for every image you upload. The majority of editing software will allow this when you insert images into your rich text box. Simply state what the image contains in the ALT field, and you’re telling spam filters that you are concerned sufficient… And, consequently… the email you send is valid.

A side note If you’d like, you could include your keywords in the alt tags. If your content is used as a web-based post, this could assist your SEO.

2.) Don’t copy directly from Microsoft Word… or at the very least, be aware of how to paste plain text

Although this is something that should be obvious to mention but the more we talk to people within the world of email marking and the more we realize that the majority of marketers do not have the technical expertise regarding the details. That’s okay.

Be aware that when you write and using Microsoft Word or some other application, ensure that whenever your text gets pasted in, that you are pasting unformatted text. This helps clean up the code and allows the spam filter to take a more clear view of your content. This can improve your ranking.

3.) Be yourself

The use of fancy marketing language in emails isn’t necessary, particularly when you’re connected with your contacts. This is a crucial distinction.

Make sure you have a relationship with your contacts. Although it’s predominantly one-way channel, you should try speaking with them as if you were in the same room as you. Let them learn about you and the person you stand for.

The importance of trust is immense when it comes to trust, and if people believe in your business, they will not be marking your emails as spam. Keep in mind that spam filters typically evaluate email and email senders on the basis of their reputation and is usually calculated on the basis of the ratio of emails that you have sent with those sent to excellent and working email addresses, as well as the percentage of messages which are marketed as spam.

4.) If you’re able to achieve it consistently, then personalize

Personalization is a two-edged sword. Only use people’s names when you can verify their identity stored in your database.

There is nothing that can kill your email quicker than an email message that begins: Dear [FirstNAme] ]…

Make sure you know what your email program will do if the field FirstName is empty.

Once you’re confident about the accuracy of your information then, of course, customize it if you can. It will assist you in getting to your inbox.

Four quick strategies to assist you in getting to your inbox. Don’t forget, if they can’t be able to see your message then they aren’t able to take action!





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